Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Hey... 3 days in a row

 I am a week and a half into the new job, which means I am still warming up.  I am trying to enjoy the warm up this time around, but I wouldn't mind if I get some projects dumped in my lap.

I checked on the LLC from the last post, and it looks like I should have the legal paperwork by Thanksgiving.  I will "fund" the LLC in January.  I guess the biggest question that I have is when I fund the LLC, can I write that investment off of my taxes?  I know I would need to start doing a return for the LLC, which is why I am waiting till January... give me one more year to learn about how all these taxes work.

So... I guess the next big thing is to map out my November workout.  I am going to "try" something for November and December.  I am going to try to do a periodization workout where I spend week one in a cutting or cardio phase and week two in a lifting or bulking phase and then switch back.  Alternating throughout the two months.

I will weigh myself on November 1 and again on December 31.  I will take my picture (shirtless) on each day and do a before and after.  I think I can do this.  I am interested in how this all might work.

Well... that seems like enough for today.


- E

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Stary LLC

 So... I registered for an LLC name yesterday.  I just picked the nice and simple Stary LLC.  I, of course, added the domain at and even went so far to as to add the basic Google business package so I can get an e-mail address.

I was walking around the neighborhood after work and I saw my neighbor working on his car.  He is rebuilding a car.  Another neighbor just did the same thing.  Both of them had so much passion for their work.  I don't have a hobby.  I mean I exercise and I golf, but neither of them are really a hobby.  I exercise to be healthy and I have made it a core of my life.  I really don't have anything else that I do, just for the joy of doing it.  I have to compound this with two facts: 1) I don't really have a passion about anything.  2) I don't really have any friends to have a hobby with.

So what do I do...

Well... I like to make money.  I like to look at things to make money with.  That should be my hobby.  I can't think of a better way to spend my morning, evenings, and weekends that sitting in my office having a coffee or a beer and looking up ways to invest.  So... that is what I shall do.

Why the LLC?

Well, I thought I should find a way to protect myself in case I invest in something that goes sideways.  I am going to invest in a movie this spring.  I have already discussed it with the director, and I wanted to protect my personal wealth (what little there is) in the event that I need to.  So, I whipped up an LLC.  I can pay the LLC with starter funds and then manage these investments efforts out of the LLC.  

I will get to learn how to run a business and I will get to have a hobby... win - win.

I already have a suite of domains, so I will spend my weekends getting those up off the ground.  I have some planned investments to make in art, movies, collectibles, and other non-market stuff.  I will expand this to real estate once I have enough to do so.  It would be great if this hobby can become my next career as I move on down the road.

OK.  That's enough for today.


- E

Monday, October 26, 2020

October 26 - Day 1

I am so excited to report that I have taken a job at Vir Biotech.  I thought I would use today as not only a Day 1 of work (it is not actually day 1), but a Day 1 for a new workout/diet/lifestyle plan.  A change is always a good place to make additional changes.

I am back to working with west coast teams, so it should mean way less meetings before noon.  This means that I will have open calendar time in the morning, so longer workouts.  It also means later evenings, those awesome 7PM calls.  However, the give is well worth the take.

Since the quarantine started back in March, I have lost about 30 pounds and managed to keep off the weight.  I am going to try to relight that fire that melted off the first 30 and take off this last 20.  That means daily workouts, daily walks, and daily fasting till after noon.  Mon-Fri I will eat a light lunch and an early dinner, with no snacks after dinner.  On Sat and Sun I will fast as long as I can (to late in the afternoon) and then eat one big glorious meal.  I will give myself some allowances for an after dinner beer, but generally I need to keep it light (and I mean the volume not the style).

This change also will give me the chance to start writing again and pursue some additional ventures (blogs, investments, and side gigs). I have no reason why I could not have been pursuing these things while working at AbbVie, I just got settled in my ways and I needed a shake up.  Consider me shook.

I will write every day.  I will find someone to help me set up some websites for some ideas that I have.  I will make some big investments in a movie project and some art.  Hopefully the movie project also lets me have a little fun as a producer.  I have tried this before but the project was cancelled.  

Here is to Day 1... raises coffee cup.


- E


- E

Sunday, October 18, 2020

October 18

 I know... I am going to mess around and make this a habit.  :)

So... I accepted a position at an up and coming West Coast based biotech.  I am super excited both for the opportunity to take the next step in my professional development and to be working for a company doing some cutting edge stuff.  

I will provide more details next week after I get my feet set in the new gig.

I am going to use this as a sort of "Day 1".  Not just a professional day 1, but a personal day 1 as well.  This is my first job with the title of Associate Director.  I have been trying to get here for 20 years and I want to use this chance to refocus on the other elements of my life that need to be tightened up.

What does that mean:

1. I want to be an executive, at least once.  So be an executive, and be one in all aspects of my life.  Right... that sort of "be the next job" attitude.

2. Professional: I got the job, so go kick some ass.

3. Diet and Exercise: I do a good job here, at least I have since "Quarantine" started, but I can take this up a notch.  Eat better, exercise harder, and be more focused.  That means get up early.  Get some miles in and then get some iron in.  And do it religiously.  On the food side, I have to eat like I am going to play Captain America's stunt double.  Cut the sugar, cut the fat, up the lean meat, and up the veggies.  

4. Clothes: My wife has been restocking my closet during quarantine.  I have some new clothes, but I do need to keep this going.  I need new suits and some new "work clothes", for once the apocalypse comes to a close.

5. Image: Again, this is about projecting the right image, the image of an executive.  I get lazy here and settle into comfort.  I have to actively work on that.

6. YOLO: I am going to save my money and buy myself a flashy car.  Older car, something that goes fast and looks good.  

7. Investing: I want to take this up a notch as well.  Over the course of the next few years, I want to finance some cash streams that provide income.  I don't have the "passion" to run my own business, but I want to finance others, and reap the benefits of their passion.

That is enough for now... but I am going to keep circling back on this and keep writing.


- E

Sunday, October 11, 2020

October 11

 Hello there...

Big news coming next week, and no... we are not having any more children.

Personal stuff:  No big changes.  Still weighing in around 195 lbs.  I need to refocus before "Winter" gets here, and lose that last 10 pounds.  Would be great to be at 185 before the Holiday eating season starts.  

Home: Still sad that pool season is over.

Car: We bought a new car... Mercedes GLA 250.  Its awesome.  I know it is a bit of a vanity purchase, and I am perfectly OK with that.

Well... I can't think of anything else.  Stay safe.  Will chat soon.

- Eric