Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Career and Education Timeline

My career and education timeline.  I have tried to keep education and growth at the forefront of my career development.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Current Position

Pharmacyclics, An AbbVie Company

Sr. Manager, Clinical Outsourcing/Vendor Management

August 2016 to Present

I currently manage a group of 4 Outsourcing Managers, one of whom has a direct report of their own, making me a Manager of Managers.  Our group is responsible for contracting and vendor management for all of our Development Operations Vendors.  As a company we deploy a functional outsourcing strategy, meaning we outsource categories (Project Management, IRT, EDC, etc...) to qualified and approved vendors.  We have 3+ vendors per category and in most cases do a full RFP for each potential award.  In a given clinical trial this typically results in 6+ vendors to manage.

In addition to this, as a group, we manage our Vendor Governance including Joint Operations and Executive Steering Committees.  As the leader of the group, I am ultimately responsible for the coordination, conduct, and follow-up from these meetings as well as day-to-day escalations which may pop-up as local project teams run into issues they cannot solve.

In my time at PCYC, I am particularly proud of the work we have done in the Vendor space.  This team has negotiated numerous MSAs, Contracts, Change Orders, and even a Settlement Agreement.  We have onboarded and qualified more than a dozen vendors.  We have put new policies and processes in place, and collectively we have saved the company well in excess of 1M USD.