Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jan 5th - Day two - are you going to eat that.

I am starving.  Not in the real world, Christian Fund Infomercial way of starving, but in the fat guy who really needs some bacon starving.  I was so "good" yesterday, there is very little chance I can repeat that over the course of the year.  Thus, I have already peaked.

All down hill from here.

You gonna eat that.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016

Why hello there stranger...

I write this from the office on the first Monday of the new year.  I have officially been in California for two years now.  It is really unbelievable how quickly time flies, what seems like an eternity looking forward is just a blur looking backwards.

2015 was very good to me, and here is to hoping for a great 2016.  The Stary Family has big plans this year, big changes and big goals.  We look forward to kicking those goals square in the teeth!

I know it's stupid but here are my yearly resolutions... many of which I have failed at many times over, but what is the point of being here if we don't try to get a least a teeny bit better.

1. Lose 35 pounds.  This goal is easier today than it was just this time last month.  Unbeknownst to me, I tried to eat everything over the holidays.  I nearly crapped myself when I got on the scale this morning.   Stepped on at 220.  So hopefully that first 10 pounds is just an undigested Little Debbie or something.  Simple plan... eat right, work out, repeat.

2. Drink water.  Again this would seem to not be a challenging goal, but I fail at this every year and by Jan 7th I am knee deep in Diet Coke cans.  Drink water, this helps financially too.  Double bonus!

3. Be better with money.  I have two real weaknesses food and buying crap we don't need, the latter especially gets me in trouble when my kids as for crap they don't need.  I have to be better.  I will start by cutting out the morning Starbucks (see drink water).  Pay off all those annoying little debts and stash some cash for an upcoming big purchase.

4. Write. I swear to all that is good an holy I mean to do this more.  I plan to be a prolific producer of bloggery, but by Jan 7th I run out of quips and then the Bengals lose and I get too pissed to carry on.  I will try to do better, I will.  I plan to be more open about my goals because I think even the allusion of you mocking my failures might help a little.

5. Grow up.  I know what  you are thinking!  Eric, you are 39, there is no more up.  But I can improve here.  Too much of my life is still driven by kiddie crap.  Listen, I am never going to be the guy sitting by the fireplace reading Hawthorne (had to google that name), but it wouldn't kill me to spend less time on Facebook and more time doing shit that actually matters.  I need to pass on the cookies in favor of a Bourbon, skip the chicken nuggets and have a salad.  And don't hold me to this, but I am gonna try and read a book, no promises on number of pages.

6. Dress like a grown man.  This is basically 1b plus 5b, but judging by my sweatpants collection, it probably needs an upgrade.  I own only 1 suit, and only a few nice items of clothing and none of them fit me properly.  Side Note:  My watch collection is already bona fide! I will try to dress my roly poly arse as grown-upedly as I can while I work on the gut.  But once I reach a size 34 inch waist it is time to go visit a tailor.  This is also a recurring goal for me, I usually throw it out the first time I need to get up an iron a shirt.

7. Be a better husband and father.  This one is really about being present in the moment with my family.  I need to be better at not being distracted.  Play with the kids, talk with the wife.  Put down my GD tablet.

8. I am pretty happy with where I am and where I am heading professionally, but I do plan on taking broader risks.  If I am going to get somewhere, I had better get going on it.  I will be 50 and getting phased out before I know it.

9 and 10. Both real goals, are not yet for public consumption.  But they are big deals and I am really looking forward to them.

Here is to hoping that 2016 is the best year yet.


- Eric