Monday, March 8, 2021

March 8

 Howdy neighbors... here is your monthly update.

1. My financial competition between me, a professional, and AI is going exceedingly bad on all fronts.  All three accounts are negative.  Right now I am beating both the pro and AI but in each case we would be losing to a regular savings account.

2. My "winter body" is unfortunately in full effect.  I am going to have to really pick up the diet.  My exercise has been great, but I am just too care free when it comes to food.  I have to apply some additional discipline.  I am "starting" again... today... Let's see how long my will power holds out.

3. I am making a new investment this month, starting to make what I hope can one day be my full time job.  Investing in others dreams.  I will invest in small businesses and small ventures for a share of equity or a guaranteed return.  Sort of like Shark Tank but instead of millions, we are talking micro loans of hundreds or thousands.

4. Lastly... I am taking a mediation class at Chase Law this month.  Supplementing that with my courses at NWCU.  Should be a busy few weeks between now and spring break. 

- Eric