Monday, April 26, 2021

April Update

 I almost missed April entirely... is the update.

1. My COVID body has not improved much.  I still weigh about 208, which is 16 pounds above my low last summer.  I have some work to do.  I always drop a few pounds over the summer, but I keep telling myself that I won't on my "winter coat".  Maybe this year... maybe.

2. I got ordained.  No real reason.  I saw it on-line, it was free, I filled out the form.  boom... Minister Stary.

3. I filed paperwork be a Notary.  No real reason.  I saw it on-line, it was 10 bucks.  boom... Notary Stary.

4. I got completed Mediation Training to be a Certified Mediator.  No real reason.  I saw it on-line, it was 250 bucks.  boom... Mediator Stary.  I then sat in on a real life divorce mediation and it was the best thing I have ever done professionally.  More on this in a second.

5. I went on family vacation to Florida, took my parents.  It was great.  I will do that again.  We are really looking forward to experiencing life again.  

6. I got vaccinated... Team Pfizer.

7. I continue my Law School studies, currently working through contracts case briefs.  The mediation thing has motivated me to spend the next few years doing this Law School thing and start a mediation practice.  I can technically mediate now, but the state of KY is going to change the rules so court appointed mediation can only be done by an attorney.  I will focus on the school part, and keep this in my back pocket.  This would be a great second career for me.  

8. I am still gainfully employed.  I hope to continue to be in the future.

9. Outside of that we are all right as rain.  Looking forward to the summer, and getting my summer dad bod back.


- Eric