Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Welcome Back

First day back in the office after a 10 day vacation. I don't remember what I was doing when I left. They moved my office to a new building, so I don't know where I am going. I ate way too much over the last week and the pants are fitting a little snug this morning. And top it off a few hundred e-mails to get through. Should be an awesome week.

At least the stock is up!

3 years and 5 months till semi-retirement!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Long Time No Talk

I know its been a long time since I wrote, and I don't quite know if I have valid reasons for waiting but hey... what are you gonna do.

Here are the highlights, the big updates you are looking for, if you are so inclined to here about my updates.

We had yet another tragedy in my extended family. My biological father, a man whom I had just really met last year and someone I had only spoken to a handful of times passed away. I returned to KY for the funeral and the biggest thing I noted was the sense that I lost a piece of my history. I will never really get to learn who he was and who he became. I am going to try to make up for some of that with my siblings, and if any of you are reading this please know that I tend to be absorbed with my immediate family but I will try to be an attentive and present brother, albeit one that is 2500 miles away from you.

Generally speaking most other things in my life are going fairly well. Work is fine, boring and tedious, but fine. The stock is up, which is really all I give a crap about. :)

Home life is awesome, as one would expect, I mean hey... its my home. The kids are doing well, although I wish we could connect with other kids in the new neighborhood. I know there are kids there, its just we can't seem to find them. I assume it's a summer thing and come the start of school, next month, we will be knee deep in kids. In our short-time in Foster City, we were the go to house for good times with the neighborhood kids, and I assume the same will happen here.

I joined a vanpool at work, in fact, I am chilling in the van typing this right now. I have to admit it makes the commute seem shorter. I drive myself about half-way to work (25 miles or 1 hour) and then jump in a van for the rest of the trip (25 more miles and 1 more hour). We each take turns driving and the combined cost is only $70/month, saves me cash money, headache, and wear and tear on the car. WINS all around.

Its mercilessly hot in Northern California where we live, but still cool where I work. The temperature is typically 30 degrees different from the office to the house. We are trying to get around and see more of Cali. We have been to the beach a few more times and we bought our pass to the Oakland Zoo, a Zoo pass is a Stary family must. We hope to visit LegoLand in August before the kids start school with a pit stop in LA and San Diego. We might even get a chance to see some extended family from the Stary side, folks I haven't seen in 20 years. GODDAMN I am old.

Side note: I am coming back to Cincy next week to visit family, friends, and golf courses. I am pretty pumped about the trip. Add to that it looks like I will be going back in October for my 20th year HS reunion (see comment above related to age).

So what else can I tell you...

The twins are really doing well, when we left KY they were babies. They couldn't talk, in any coherent way, and now they are full on toddlers. They talk and talk and have developed these awesome little personalities. I still can't tell them apart unless I am holding or talking to one of them. Details has never been a strong suit.

The boys are best buds. We will be out somewhere and you will see them walking hand in hand, its pretty much the sweetest GD thing you have ever seen. Now don't get me wrong, they will be slapping each other ten minutes later but they have developed quite a bond and its nice to see.

Cyndi hasn't left or R U N N O F T (quick name that movie), which considering the sea of testosterone she swims in daily is pretty awesome of her. She has a Mommy vacation coming up in a few weeks, a well-deserved break from the heathens and her disgusting husband. The big question for me is what are the boys and I going to do when she is out or to quote Ferris "what aren't we going to do"!

The movie was "Oh Brother Where Art Thou"...

What else can I tell you...

I don't know... I will think of something else later. So my plan (yeah right) is to update this fairly regularly while I am chilling in the van. What else have I got to do.... NOTHING, except troll twitter for inappropriate pictures and tweets.

See you later and thanks for reading.