Monday, April 28, 2014

Bring on May

After all the glorious weather we had over the winter, not comes the part of Northern California no body tells you about until after you get here.  The weather basically has not changed since day 1.  If it weren't for Outlook, I wouldn't know what time of year it is.  We still get really cool nights and a cold crisp wind.  Highs are generally in the 60-70 range.  Nice, but no different than January was.  Sadface.  On a positive note, it supposed to be nearly 100 degrees on Wed of this coming week on the east side of the bay.  100!

We got a house rented, pics in the twitter feed.  I will be spending the next 5 weekends loading and unloading and building furniture from Ikea.  Those directions are friggin terrible.  I will post a little video once we get all of our stuff moved in.  24 month lease, so we will be there for two years, and I am pretty stoked about having space again.  The commute is gonna blow, but I think I have found some ways to mix it up, use alternate transportation, etc...

Oh well... at least a roof is over our head and food is in our belly.

Speaking of food.  I have been dieting now for a week and a half.  I hate skipping meals or eating light, it is not in my nature.  However, a little suffering is good for the soul, and given the gravy boat of my existence, a little suffering is probably just what the doctor ordered.  My plan is go home for a long weekend in July with a body that I have never had.  Even younger Eric was still fat little Eric.

Hey... enjoy your day, your week, and your month.  Write again soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Long Weekend

Just got back from a long weekend in Santa Barbara, here are my thoughts:

1. SB is nice, about a 5 hour drive down from SF.  But there are homeless people every ten feet, and it was cold.  Not mid-west cold but not shirtless beach warm either.  Next trip will be further south.
2. I spent an ass load of money on this mini-vacation, which reminds me why I don't go on vacations.  However, I love the feeling of staying at a nice hotel.  Nothing better than being treated like you are important.
3. Generally speaking, the kids were great.  We were actually able to do vacation stuff.  Over the next year things will get more fun as the twins turn more into little people and less into demon toddlers.
4. My van is destroyed.  Sand, food, and garbage... ahhhh road trips.
5. SB has breathtaking views, really nice combination of mountains and beaches.  FL may have better beaches and ocean, but the views in Cali are amazing.
6. In between SF and LA is vast open farmland.  I never would have guessed that.
7. I take two days off work and my job collapses upon itself, awesome.
8. I am going to drop 30 pounds, get a giant tattoo on my left arm/shoulder, and find a new way of life.  Before July 15.
9. I have been trying to turn over some new leaves in my professional life, feel free to kick me to get me started.
10. I am amazed at how well my kids make friends.  Take them to a place and in ten minutes they have a new buddy.  I do not possess this skill.
11. Back to work!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Long time no chat...

I have been bad lately, I have not been keeping up with my writing responsibilities.  My bad!  Will do better! That is my personal motto "My bad! Will do better! I should get it tattooed on my ass and a bumper sticker for my car.


I am sitting here at a birthday party for a 7 year old, so while I am chilling waiting for Carson, I thought I would enlighten you on the finer points of our last month.


The last month has been pretty "normal" for us at this point.  Work, school, damage to personal property brought on by two little maniacs and their older brothers.  

We are still homeless, in the broader sense, but I know where I want to live.  The neighborhood I want to live in is pretty far from work, so that is gonna mean some suck ass commutes, but I refuse to be "house poor" when I don't own a house.  The point of being here is to pocket some cash and I can't do that spending $4000/month on rent.  Below is a little graphic I put together to give you a sense of the real estate market in San Fran.

So... we will be living in the "OK" section.  Still about 125% of Cincinnati prices but not Bat Shit Crazy prices, like the rest of the area.  I honestly don't know how regular working class people live west of the Bay.  A two bed room condo will run you over $3000/month.

We are gonna be in a nice sized 4 bedroom out in the "country".  I will be waking at 4AM for the next couple of years, but hey... builds character.


We are taking out first California trip next week, we are going to Santa Barbara for a four day weekend.  I am pretty stoked.  We are staying at a nice hotel, right on the beach, and I can DRIVE there.  I will post lots of pics.

The weather has turned a little "dull".  The high temps are still basically the same as they were before 60s-70s, but it has rained a lot over the last month and the wind is freezing.  You will be standing in the sun, sweating, but then the wind will blow and you need a coat.  In Cincy you don't know the weather from day-to-day, here it may literally change on the minute.

The kids are doing really well.  Carson is really doing well in his school.  The girls love him, we walked into our fourth kids party and 6 girls ran at him and jumped on him.  These California girls are aggressive!

Becks is doing much better in school.  Cyndi  has been blasting him with work on his letters, writing, and reading, and he has really responded.  He is a smart kid, but sometimes he needs a little push.

The twins are blossoming, they don't shut up!  Non-stop chatter from morning to bed.  Lately they have started waking up in the middle of the night for some extra attention.  I have been spending a lot of nights sleeping on the floor of their room.

I will be back in Cincy on July 18-20th, so please schedule accordingly!  ;)


It has already been 3 months, some days it feels like we have been here for years, other days it feels like we got here last week.  I am going to love when we finally get into a house again.  Living in a condo with 4 small kids and 2 dogs is for crazy people.


Lots of friends and family have had bouts of illness.  Getting old sucks.  It has really made me take stock in my life and what I want to do with the rest of it.  My next job, is going to be something I want to do, a big difference from what I need to do.  

That is probably enough rambling for now.  Check twitter or facebook for pics from Santa Barbara later in the month.  


- Eric