Thursday, February 20, 2020

Feb 20, 2020


Big news on two fronts that bring me great joy.

1. Professional.  So I decided this last year that I just don't have the "passion" to be a self-employed person.  All the respect in the world to the people that do that, but I just don't have a burning desire and I think you need that to go that route.  So I will humbly stay a Pharma Bro, and do my thing for Big Pharma until Big Pharma tells me to go away.

Which means, my hobby, from this point until the end of my time, is investing.  I will invest in Stocks, Real Estate, Coins, and Entertainment.  I will go after Moonshots, as Google calls them.  A little side note to remind me: a $100 invested in Bitcoin in 2010 is worth $MM today.  This decisions has been very liberating for me.  I felt like somewhat of a failure for not wanting to start my own empire, but now I can dabble in lots of little things.  See what strikes my fancy.

2. Personal.  THE POOL!!! The watermark for success for me has always been a backyard pool.  I finally have the money, the house, and the yard to put it in.  I have bids in hand, and I am working on getting the necessary approvals.  If the Water Gods align the stars, I could be taking meetings armpit deep in my backyard by this summer. 

Well... that is it for now.  Back soon.

- E