Thursday, May 7, 2020

Quick Update

Just wanted to make a quick update...

Its May 7.  The world is still under quarantine.

Weight: 213.  It is improving.  My diet is MUCH better lately.  I would really like to get to 205 by the end of the month.

Pool: Construction is zooming along.  I expect it to be filled with water in two weeks, if the weather helps.  Side note... it is still unseasonably cold.  It was 35F this morning.

Work: Still employed, so I guess that is something.

Side note: I have had it with social media.  Not with the technology, but with the people I allow into my life.  I will try this again, I won't interact with anything outside of my own posts.  I will post from a third-party app so I don't even have to open the GD thing. 

Have a great day!

- E