Tuesday, May 27, 2014

California Weekend

Now... that my friends is why people live in California. This past weekend was spectacular. It was just a three day weekend but I feel like I have been on vacation, and it was a good vacation at that.

For starters it was warm to downright hot out here. My house is 50 miles inland from the bay which means it is in a completely different ecosystem than the coast. At my house it was high 90s all weekend, no clouds in the sky. I love heat, just taking a moment to bake in the goodness of warmth. It was dry, of course, because it is basically a desert in Central California. One errant cigarette and the whole place is going up in flames.

But what made the weekend awesome was just the combination of stuff, and not to mention most of it was FREE!

Friday was work and school, but after a 2 hour commute to the house (yes two hours), there was time for 2 Game of Thrones episodes (DVD season 2) and the comfort of sleeping in my own bed.

Saturday and Sunday featured trips to the park and slpashpad (which is just an awesome way to spend a couple of hours on a weekend day). Side note: I saw a bobcat in the park. I grant you I was 100 yards away from it, but either that was a bobcat or that was the biggest house cat in the history of humanity. Either way, that thing was big enough to eat your pet chihuahua.

Monday was a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Cruz for a day at the beach and yet another glorious day it was. Temps were in the mid 70s, no clouds, warm sun, and I didn't see one drunk teenager! We played for hours and the kids passed out in the car on the drive home (bonus).

Back to work for a short week (the kids have half-days at school all week), and then hopefully another great weekend. But what to do... what to do...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Settling In!

Buenos Dias, mis amigos.

We are settling in to our new digs. It is so amazing to have space to spread out again. The kids are upstairs playing in their playroom, while we are sitting on the couch in the living room and all is right as rain. We have most of our stuff moved in, and boy it is awesome to sleep in your own bed. Living in "corporate housing" feels somewhere between a hotel and home, this place feels like home. We are living both here and there until school ends, I will feel bad for the kids. They have made so many friends in Foster City, but I am very confident they will do the same here.

So as we get settled, its time to get back to seeing California. Our next trip is going to be a weekend in Lake Tahoe. I will be booking the weekend stay here shortly, I am looking forward to a weekend in a cabin. After that the next trip will be a weekend in LA.

I also have a quick trip planned for Cincy in July and a vacation break while Cyndi is in Phoenix for a conference. I know I have been slacking on the page, but I fully plan to step up the posting and West Coasting now that we are in a house and getting ready for a full summer.

Side Note: The new house is quite a distance from work, so I will be taking public transportation. I have never done that before (on a regular basis), I am a bit nervous and excited about it. I fully plan to take pictures on the train and bus.

Have a great weekend and less sucky week!

- Eric