Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Year In Review

2014 in review...

1. Packed up my family and moved to California. I rented a U-haul, loaded up the van, and drove for 4 days to reach a house I had never seen in a place I had never been. We all got some kind of traveling virus half-way through the trip and nearly crapped ourselves. Let me tell you, there is no pressure like trying to find an exit with a remotely clean toilet at the Nevada border at 1 AM.

2. We moved a second time to an exburb of the Bay Area, because corporate housing would only cover the first 6 months and I am not made of money and this family can not afford to live in Greater San Fran.

3. The Twins had an explosion of development. When we left KY they couldn't talk, they were little more than tall babies. After six months out here and a change to our "routine" they were little boys. Now they are full on little monsters, who will jibber-jabber and toss around words that rival the speech of their older brothers. They will unfortunately repeat everything that we say, and that can be a little awkward, especially during Bengals games... "Damn it Andy..." sounds really cute coming from them.