Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Update - 7 Days Post Transplant

 Hello all...

Cyndi is now 14 days into her second stay at the hospital.  She is 7 days post her transplant and 3 days post her final doses of chemo.

If you had seen her at this point during her first stay in the hospital you would note that she is doing really well.  

She is still eating, and in good spirits.  Its not all sunshine and rainbows though, she has had quite a bit of nausea and is dealing with mucositis right now.  This will be the hardest part of this process, the next 7 days will probably suck as her levels continue to drop, her energy drops, and her new cells start to engraft.

Keep those happy thoughts coming. 

Personally, I am doing OK and the kids are plowing through.  


- Eric