Thursday, July 22, 2021


 I updated the site.  Time to get off of Facebook.

July 21, 2021

 I wanted to take a moment to provide you an update on Cyndi Shields-Stary

Today marks two months since she was first hospitalized with an Acute Crisis. She has been home for just over three weeks and we are adjusting to the complexity of her schedule and treatment. Her treatment is typically 2-4 times per week and can take several hours. To be honest, the worst part of it is just having to drive an hour to the hospital and sit in that damn chair for as many as 5 hours getting treatment only to have to drive back another hour.
Generally, I would say she is in good spirits. Certainly, she is in a much better spot emotionally that she was as an "in" patient. Her body is doing its best to recover from chemo. She has started physical therapy to help with her walking as her legs and back have lost strength in this process.
We are very much in a holding pattern with her care right now. Her leukemia is in check, so the goal is to keep it in that state until she can have her transplant, which is still likely several months away.
A question she or I get often is "how are you doing?". Well, that is a complicated answer. So you are just likely to get "OK" out of one of us, but take that knowing if things were worse I would be more communicative.
We don't need money and we don't really need assistance at the moment. School starts in a month and when it starts I may need some help getting the kids on the bus or getting them off the bus if we happen to be at treatment. But beyond that we really are "OK".
Keep the positive thoughts going and we will keep on kicking ass.
Thanks for all of your support thus far.
- Eric

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

July 6, 2021

 July update...

Cyndi is home.  We got her home a little more than a week ago.  It has been a rough week trying to adjust.  She is having a difficult time walking, and moving from sitting to standing.  She has a biopsy on Wednesday of this week and we should know a lot more about the next phase of her treatment once that is in.  Her team seems to think there is a chance we can treat her with an Oral TKI only and not going back into Chemo until she is ready for her Transplant.  Obviously this would be ideal so let's hope.

I am going to start a new job... I will get into this later but hopefully it is a better fit with my professional life and our family situation.  

Will report more... and communicate more in the coming days and weeks.  

- E